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Healthy You

Healthy You, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing lives through education. Our goals are:
  • Enhance awareness of personal responsibility for relationship success
  • Enhance the habit of assuming goodwill
  • Increase respect for differences of ideas, manners of behaving, and relating
  • Increase emotional knowledge and skills for power over and control of internal climates
  • Provide essential tools for creating effective relationships

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@HealthyYouIncAL Dec 16, 17:57

Help out! Give to Be the Light Raise funds on @generosity

@HealthyYouIncAL Nov 17, 21:29

#GivingTuesday is a day for everyone, everywhere, to GIVE! Find out how you can be part of the movement at

@HealthyYouIncAL Sep 22, 20:22

Help us set up a health fund for formerly incarcerated women! Visit to make a donation.

@HealthyYouIncAL Aug 28, 16:30

When your relationship hits a rough spot, apologize. Even silence communicates something.

@HealthyYouIncAL Aug 25, 23:23

Did you know: 75 women return to Dothan from jail or prison each month, many without homes, clothing, food, and support.

@HealthyYouIncAL Aug 18, 20:37

UpTeens share words of Wisdom

@HealthyYouIncAL Aug 17, 16:06

Help and support provided at the Alabama Families of Prisoners Conference via @aldotcom

@HealthyYouIncAL Aug 13, 20:04

Looking forward to hearing the success stories at AFPC! Visit to register for the conference in Mobile on August 22.

@HealthyYouIncAL Aug 12, 22:16

Visit to read some great poetry written by the ladies at Tutwiler Prison.

@HealthyYouIncAL Aug 11, 22:09

Check out this app built with @Appsmecom!

@HealthyYouIncAL Aug 11, 21:54

Check out this month's Healthy You News

@HealthyYouIncAL Aug 10, 22:12

Mark your calendars for September 21! Healthy You | HEALTHY YOU INC's Fundraiser on CrowdRise

@HealthyYouIncAL Aug 05, 23:28

Live at Lunch

@HealthyYouIncAL Aug 04, 23:47

All my Instagram photos

@HealthyYouIncAL Aug 04, 22:49

visit for an updated schedule of the Alabama Families of Prisoners Conference! Schedule subject to change.

@HealthyYouIncAL Jul 31, 20:43

we are excited to announce that U.S. Attorney Kenyon Brown will be the closing speaker for the Alabama Families of Prisoners Conference!

@HealthyYouIncAL Jul 29, 21:06

Healthy You News August 2015

@HealthyYouIncAL Jul 28, 23:39

Alabama Families of Prisoners Conference Aug. 22 in Mobile. Visit for details!

@HealthyYouIncAL Jul 20, 22:56

@UpTeenMovement training is this week!

@HealthyYouIncAL Jul 17, 18:41

Women graduate from innovative Mobile Metro Jail course via @aldotcom

@HealthyYouIncAL Jul 17, 18:38

Women graduate from Mobile County Metro Jail course - FOX10 News | WALA

@HealthyYouIncAL Jul 16, 17:27

15 ladies from Mobile Metro Jail will graduate from HY's Healthy Relationships and Life Skills class today!

@HealthyYouIncAL Jul 15, 21:25

1. In your relationship, practice active listening. Listening is not a spectator sport. Good communicators don’t talk all the time.

@HealthyYouIncAL Jul 14, 23:45

Would you like to support Healthy You? Sponsor a family for the Alabama Families of Prisoners Conference! Call 334-671-7774 for details.

@HealthyYouIncAL Jul 10, 16:32

Did you know: Healthy You has 20 trained mentors who help formerly incarcerated women with everything from transportation to studying?

@HealthyYouIncAL Jul 09, 22:16

Looking forward to hanging out with my friends at Genesis II while we learn how to tell our stories!

@HealthyYouIncAL Jul 08, 20:45

Did you know: From Oct 14 to Mar 15, HY taught 280 adults relationship skills classes in state prisons, county and city jails and rehabs

@HealthyYouIncAL Jul 03, 21:15

Happy Fourth of July!!

@HealthyYouIncAL Jul 02, 23:33 Download the new Healthy You Inc app!

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Check out this app built with @Appsmecom!